Private House, Honiton, Devon

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Private House, Honiton, Devon

Damp areas internally led to the removal externally of hard cement mortar pointing to the gable end wall and replaced with a softer ‘breathable’ lime mortar.

Internally the plaster had been painted in a non-breathable paint which meant the wall could not ‘breathe’ and led to the plaster becoming damp and detaching from the wall surface. The plaster was removed revealing the stonework underneath. This was found to be in better condition than originally thought. Instead of reapplying the lime plaster it was decided that the stonework would be left exposed to add character to the room and repointed with lime mortar.

A non-breathable paint on the fireplace was showing signs of damp trapped behind and was successfully removed. It was decided that the original stone mouldings would add character and should not be painted. It would also let a passage for any moisture migrating through the wall or from the ground to escape.

Natural slate window seats were made and a local timber craftsman finished the window soffit and cills with natural oak to complete the character of the room.