All Saints Church, East Budleigh, East Devon

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All Saints Church, East Budleigh, East Devon

Scaffolding was erected in the north aisle to inspect water ingress on the ceiling.

An area of lime plaster and timber laths were removed exposing rotten rafters and previous repairs. Further investigation along the ceiling revealed extensive rotten rafters. Water ingress had allowed old iron nails to rust allowing the lath and plaster to detach from the rafters.

New sawn air-dried oak rafters were carefully measured and formed to match the existing curved roof profile and fixed using stainless steel fixings and wooden dowels.

Riven oak laths were secured with stainless steel fixings.

Three coats of lime plaster were then applied to the riven oak laths. Extra-haired lime putty mortar was applied to the dampened oak laths, followed by a lime mortar float coat and finally a top coat of fine lime putty mortar. Five coats of limewash was applied over the finished plaster.